One-on-one Tutoring

Tutoring at I Learn is based on results of the thorough assessment of the student, and aims to build skills in a remedial and effective way. We address reading, spelling, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, critical thinking, math, reasoning and expressive writing.

We use multi-sensory structured approaches linking the auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic senses in an individualized manner, utilizing state-of-the-art remedial programs and curriculums that are research-based, and designed to meet the individual needs and learning styles of our students. Examples on programs we use include:

Alpha to Omega
Unites of Sounds

Lindamood- Bell Programs

حروفي الأولى

Small Groups Tutoring

Students may receive tutoring within a group of three to four, whereby they alternate between receiving one-on-one tutoring, and doing independent computer based learning using research- based software that enhance literacy, numeracy and typing skills.

Study Skills

Students with specific learning difficulties often struggle with executive functioning skills (i.e., organization, time management…etc) which ultimately affect their study skills. Since we aim to empower our students to become independent learners, we  provide study skills training either in an indirect yet individualized manner while providing one-on-one tutoring, or through study skills workshop delivered to groups of 2 -5 students. The training aims to teach students specific strategies related to setting goals, managing time, getting organized, listening effectively, taking notes…etc, which will ultimately improve their studying skills.

Writing Workshops

Students with specific learning difficulties may struggle with various aspects of writing, as the task requires synchronizing many mental functions (i.e., organization, memory, attention, visual perception and language processing …etc) along with motor control. Students greatly benefit from explicit instruction to develop their expressive writing skills. At I Learn our Writing Workshops address developing the broad range of skills students require for effective writing such as: writing styles, planning strategies, writing steps, structuring text, revising…etc.